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Weather Forecast | Weather Maps
Weather Forecast | Weather Maps
Weather Forecast | Weather Maps

The weather. An international obsession, especially when it comes to holidays. We all want to know is it going to be sunny, is it going to rain, how hot is it going to be? Well, here at go2halkidiki.net, we’ve tried to put together a comprehensive guide to the weather here in Halkidiki.

We provide the most comprehensive information available on the current weather around Halkidiki, including our weekly weather forecasts for Halkidiki including areas like Hanioti, Polychrono, Kriopigi, Kallithea, Afytos, Pefkohori.

You will also information on the kind of weather you can expect throughout each month of the year. We’ve also tirelessly scoured the internet for sites which give more details to the current weather. These sites may give slightly different forecasts and are here as a general guide that should give you the information you need. Keep checking the Halkidiki Weather Blog for our weekly weather forecasts throughout the year. Our forecasts are issued every 9 days and you can subscribe to have them delivered by email.

The weather updates are also available on our FACEBOOK group and now on your mobile too! If you have an internet enabled mobile, simply type in


Halkidiki Weather

Weather Information


Our very own, unique forecast, issued every 9 days, all year.

More than just a weather forecast, we give you the UV index, heat index, windchill and the sunrise and sunset times for Halkidiki. Information is also given for any extreme weather conditions such as heatwaves in summer and details of any expected snow in the winter months. You will also find an archive of past forecasts for every month which will give you an idea of the conditions for any given time. An all round weather forecast you can’t really afford to miss!



We have our own weather station, based in Polygyros (at 580 meters above sea level). This station will give you up to date weather details and is refreshed every 2 minutes. You can find detailed current conditions and information on past months and extremes.

Please note this station is based in Polygyros which is at 580 meters a/s/l, and conditions can vary quite a lot between here and the sea, being in the mountains.



If you have any questions about the weather here in Halkidiki, we’ll be happy to help you. Simply post your questions in the WEATHER section on our FORUM.




Want to know what to expect from the weather in Halkidiki for any given month? Along with the archive section on our FORECAST page, we give you an idea of what each month is generally like, simply click any of the buttons below;

Halkidiki Weather - January Halkidiki Weather - February Halkidiki Weather - March Halkidiki Weather - April Halkidiki Weather - May Halkidiki Weather - June Halkidiki Weather - July Halkidiki Weather - August Halkidiki Weather - September Halkidiki Weather - October Halkidiki Weather - November Halkidiki Weather - December
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